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What are cookies? Cookies are pieces of text that are placed on your device by a website and that are available to be read and used again afterwards.
How cookies are used on your device posted? Cookies are placed on your device by the website itself or by third parties that are present on the website via a piece of code provided by them.

Do you not want cookies on your device? You may not want cookies on your device. You can set this on your browser. On the following website you will find the method for refusing cookies for the most used browsers: For more information for your browser, visit the following pages: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome , Safari. Cookies are useful for you and for us and, before you decide to refuse cookies, it may be useful to continue reading.

How are cookies subdivided? Cookies can be subdivided in various ways. We have opted for the following clear subdivision:

What cookies does this site use? This website can use any of the above types of cookies.

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These cookies are the minimum requirement for the website to function properly. They analyze your usage, completely anonymously, for analysis and research.